Monday, January 3, 2022

On Dream and Illusion, Ghazals and Sonnets. On Abiding and Non-abiding, Lightning and Thunder.

All transmission is depending

on a point of view.

If that point of view is absolute,

nothing is ever born

and the world is

like a lucid dream.

If this point of view is relative,

then the world is an appearance.

One may ask then what’s the difference

between a dream and an illusion.

I only know a dream

as I'm awakened from it.

I know illusion

when I'm not.


knowers know, teachers teach.

no method, no brick in the wall.

a dream is not a dream if not awake.

it's only magic if i don't know the trick.

on a technical note, advaita becomes religion when ajativada is vivartavada.

on a mythological level, ramana maharshi represents the return of the force.

on another technical note, shankara without gaudapada is not shankara.

on another mythological level, nisargadatta maharaj represents the further tantric illiteratization of the force.

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