Saturday, January 8, 2022

My Self-Evident Fool

Some believe the big bang came from nothing.

Materialism, in the end, is just another brand of nihilism.

And some believe that one is nothing, not knowing nonduality is not your father’s nihilism.

Forgive them for they’ve only learned to hate themselves.

Because the mind can’t understand a thing without beginning, it substitutes unknown eternity with nothing.

I am putting forth the proposition here: the absolute is not some nothing.

Unseen, inconceivable, unthinkable, indescribable, peaceful, blissful, and nondual—the absolute is that.

My dear fool, you are not nothing. The absolute is self-shining consciousness and so are you.


big science investigates the trick. self-inquiry is about investigating the magician.

i wonder why nondual nihilists always have to have the last say.

any concept without beginning or end is not a concept. therefore, to the mind, it's nothing.

first, consciousness is not a product of the mind. this is just the magical thinking of materialism.

second, the mind is the tool of consciousness in the great intent of self-awareness. obviously, you're not a tool, are you?

third, absolute awareness is self-shining consciousness. therefore, by the transitive property of equality in mathematics, i pronounce you that.

the snake is nothing; you're the rope.

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