Thursday, January 27, 2022

On Dream

The mind dreams before it sleeps.

Consciousness dreams before it wakes.

Because consciousness is sleeping, the mind is dreaming.

Because consciousness is waking, the dreaming mind is dreaming it’s awake.

The sleeping dream is free to change directions like a summer breeze.

The waking dream is set in stone.

Because consciousness is waking, the waking dream is dreaming with that power.

Concepts begin to feel so real!

Paradoxically, when consciousness wakes, the waking dream is seen to be unreal.

That’s maya for ya.


"dream until the dream come true"

neither the mind nor the consciousness is dreaming. it is maya that dreams.

when consciousness is away, the mind will play.

dreaming is a spectrum from unawareness to self-awareness.

it appears awareness goes through all samsara to get to self-awareness.

you say paradox, i say maya. let's call the whole thing the one.

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