Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Riffing Shankara

Riffing Shankara

so awareness


on the mind

and vice versa is

something like attention,

if attention is

the knot of mind,


and an object.

Therefore, attention

without mind or object

is awareness,

or what I truly am,



according to shankara, the snake is not only superimposed on the rope, the rope is superimposed on the snake.

accordingly, this mutual superimposition of cognizance with awareness, i am calling, for lack of a better word, attention.

not a practice exactly, but a confirmation of this mythic design, is sitting in attention without attaching to the various thoughts of mind—thus one can call this resting in awareness.

to an ordinary person, pure awareness isn't ordinary, but awareness intertwined with cognizance is ordinary. there's the rub.

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