Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Return to Isvara

Return to Isvara. Drop body-mind.

I am the universal I am. The universal I am is I, manifested.

Dominus vobiscum. Some say consciousness, some say spirit.

Dominus vobiscum. Some say universal consciousness, some say God.

No name for tao. All names for Isvara!

In the Name of Self-awareness

Great paradox! The causeless is the material and efficient cause of illusion.

Out of this maya appears Isvara, the god of universal consciousness.

And out of maya’s veil of avidya, individual consciousness is born.

Maya projects an all-powerful universe and veils it’s godlike omnipresence

behind a mistaken identity, ignorant, limited, and separate.

All in the name of self-awareness—awareness has no name.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Consciousness Lost

Universal consciousness is the necessary maya in self-awareness. Individual consciousness is optional ignorance.

The reflection of pure consciousness is universal consciousness. The reflection of universal consciousness is individual consciousness.

The reflection of the sleeping dream is deep sleep (absence of duality) and not to be mistaken for the presence of nonduality.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Ignorance of Scientific Materialism


The heart of scientific materialism is the concept of space-time.

Because beyond the big bang is nonconceptual, the empire hides it in a big black hole.

But this willful avidya requires consciousness to be a product of the material universe.

The empire is betting big on neuroscience.


So much depends upon the reflection of awareness in the subtle body of evolutionary maya.

Look, another name for the big bang is the big reflection.

Materialists are currently investigating the subtle body as if it is the source of that reflection,

and not the conceptual substance within which parabrahman is reflecting.

Parsing Space, Maya, and Thyme

Time and space are the essential ingredients of maya.

Without space, emptiness wouldn’t fool anyone.

Without time, appearances would come and go in the blink of an eye—

leaving no impression of their 'form' to fool one into thinking this phenomenon is real.

Space supplies the form, and time supplies the name. Voila, namarupa!

Thus namarupa is the snake of maya, as satcitananda is the rope of reality.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Sea of Nonduality Ah


Awareness of being is ultimate self-awareness, where the unmanifest is witnessing the manifest. I am that I am.

Being the unknown is frightening when conceptualizing the unknown. It can’t be done without paradox. Or don’t think about it—be.

Some advaita vedanta is all about building a deeper nondual myth until one strikes reality. That’s not a bad way to go.


In advaita myth, instead of gods, there's a subtle body and the reflection of pure consciousness.

And five sheaths, three states, antahkarana, ahamkara, and the mind's empire of ignorance.

Beneath this superimposition is being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic bliss infinity. Aham brahmasmi.


The sky is like the blue reflection of awareness in five syllables. Awareness is that nonconceptual space of seven syllables. Skies appear in space.

The lake reflecting starry night infinite light like mescalito.

Parabrahman Aum. The Sea of Matsushima. Tattvamasi.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Close Encounters With the Satguru

The unmanifest is manifest. Awareness is self-aware. The awareness is real. The self-awareness is a process, neither real nor not real. That which is neither real nor not real is called illusion, dream, magical thinking.

Awareness is parabrahman. Self-awareness is saguna brahman where godlike Isvara is busy at the maya dream machine building self-reflexive universes.

And a person is this universe’s 7th stage. And the 7th substage of the 7th is contact by the satguru. For contact from the next stage is required for transcendence, like DNA for organic molecules.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Advantage Consciousness

One remains conscious when in the deep sleep no-thinking absence of duality state, but one cannot think without consciousness – advantage consciousness.

Reminding myself: deep sleep is the absence of duality; samadhi is the presence of nonduality.

Without the self-reflexive evolutionary universe of self-awareness, parabrahman isn’t self-aware. And absolute awareness is nothing but self-aware.

Dropping Namarupa

From I-am-this to I-am-that takes a paradox. From I-am-this to I-am takes personal deconstruction.

Personal deconstruction is not postmodern deconstruction. Postmodern deconstruction is a materialistic deconstruction. 

Personal deconstruction requires the dropping of the metaparadigm of materialism. That consciousness is appearing in the material world is the false materialistic metaparadigm.

That the world is appearing in consciousness is the nondual metaparadigm. I am (the reflection of pure consciousness) is the immaculate conception. All concepts grow from this universal one.

Not to name drop, but Zen Master Dogen is also saying, drop the metaparadigm of materialism, when he says, drop body-mind.

How to Deconstruct a Fish

Believing in nondoing is not nondoing. All belief is doing. Deconstructing belief is doing the work of nondoing. It’s the highest form of doing.

Telling prisoners the walls aren’t real doesn’t free them from their prison. High school physics taught them walls are made of atoms and atoms are 99% space. They believe that too.

If you give a person a fish, it’s food for thought. But if you teach a fish how to deconstruct its lake, the river will take it to the sea.