Saturday, June 24, 2023

satcitananda footnotes ghazal

The foundation of sleep dreaming is the mind.

The foundation of the waking dream is being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic bliss infinity.

It's impossible to say you’re non-existent

and keep an original face.

The metaparadigm of postmodern deconstruction is scientific materialism.

The metaparadigm of personal deconstruction is nondual consciousness.

In postmodern deconstruction, the mind enslaves the intellect, ignoring intuition, synchronicity, and revelations at all costs.

In personal deconstruction, the intellect (the reflection of satcitananda’s intelligence) uses the mind as a tool.

Identifying with love is a baby step. Identifying with compassion is a big step.

And identifying with affectionate awareness is the last step.

The waking dream is namarupa superimposed on satcitananda.

Namarupa may be nothing but the substrate isn’t. And I am that.

Being-existence-presence is brahman. Consciousness-awareness-intelligence is brahman. Holistic bliss infinity is brahman.


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