Saturday, March 12, 2022

In Self-Defense of Mind (A5)

"Any role you play is you but you are not the role. If you take the role as yourself, that is okay. But if you take yourself as the role, the role and you are rolled into one. Then you are confused." ~Dayananda

It’s not that I’m this individual self not knowing I’m the Absolute, but I’m the Absolute, ignorant of my Self. Hamlet owns bad actors. The great actor owns Hamlet. In the Gita, Arjuna is the bad actor, Krishna is the great one.

The producers wanted Sully-era Hanks for Krishna and the Good-Will-Hunting Damon for Arjuna. The director insisted on the Dog-Day-Afternoon Pacino for the bad one. Obviously Zorba-era Quinn for the great one, or get yourself another director.

In attention, thought is like the bad actor and awareness is the Absolute One. Lately, I’m always coming back to this True Math of mine. Like the end of A Day in the Life on original vinyl.

It goes like this: A=a-t; t=(i²=−1)=Maya. This attention is another name for the I Am. Thought is the totality of ignorance. Awareness minus thought is Self-Luminous Consciousness. Isn't Brahman also Atman?

Without the mind, there’s no deconstruction. Without deconstruction, there’s no self-awareness. Without self-awareness, there’s no awareness. And that’s absolutely absurd. This is why paradox needs the mind. And Maya too.

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