Wednesday, March 2, 2022

First Aumanandada

First, despite all theories of big neuroscience, consciousness is not a product of the body-mind. Such belief is just as much a cloud to understanding yourself as is any fundamentalist religion or psychological superego. Is not consciousness ‘itself’ primal? Inquire within.

Second, understanding yourself is not a matter of belief. In fact, disattaching from all thought, including the foundational one of egoic identification, is the basic practice of spiritual deconstruction, and an integral component of self-inquiry.

Third, this understanding is ‘experiential’ for lack of a better common word, closer to one’s experience of real love than any thought or action ever encountered. This is being. This is soul. This is consciousness. This is atman.

Fourth, this consciousness is the absolute godhead. This being is awareness. This atman is brahman. There’s nothing further. Brahman is samadhi. I always am that. Nonduality isn’t rocket science.

Fifth, this is my latest practice. It’s almost mathematical. a) Pay attention with full cognition. To pay means this attention is outgoing. This practice is neither inner meditation nor just sitting. b) Drop cognition. c) Attention minus cognition equals awareness.


beyond affirmation and negation is the space of consciousness-awareness-bliss.

there’s nothing wrong with pleasure. mistaking pleasure for happiness sucks.

to be real, one must live outside the law of physics.

all change is unreal. the real is changeless. no one knows how the real becomes unreal. they call it maya. but a koan by any other name is still a paradox.

i drive a car. i know my body-mind is not the car. I drive a body-mind. i know the body-mind is not myself.

not knowing the body-mind is a tool, I believe I am the tool. god it hurts.

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