Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Myths of Maya (A10)

Personal consciousness is like the space within an open casket identifying with said casket.

Self-reflexive consciousness is like the absolute reflecting in, pervading throughout, and completely deconstructing maya in the name of self-awareness.

Not body-mind, not jiva (personal consciousness), not isvara (universal consciousness) even, but brahman (self-shining consciousness, pure awareness).

The jiva is universal consciousness reflected in the body-mind. Isvara is self-shining consciousness reflected in maya. Brahman is pure awareness.

There are three states, five superimpositions, and seven stages in self-reflexive consciousness: waking dream, dreaming sleep, deep sleep; outer, inner, thinker, doer, lover; potential, substance, form, combination, organization, mobility, dominion.

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