Saturday, April 2, 2022

Following Consciousness (A11)

In reality, don’t follow the money. Follow the consciousness. 

Consciousness isn’t nothing. Consciousness is all there is.

Consciousness is the tvam in tat tvam asi. Consciousness is that, 

that being the gender-neutral vedic name for the absolute godhead.

Although personal consciousness is a concept, 

the substratum of the concept is consciousness.

This consciousness is the same as the self-shining consciousness of that. 

This fact is the essence of nonduality.

One only has to honestly think I am before consciousness takes over.

Even fundamental materialists can use this method 

although in doing so they should expect to be astounded.

Like meditation or any other function of the mind, 

I am is just a method to be used, and not an idol end to fetishize.

Self-shining consciousness and pure awareness are not two.

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