Saturday, April 23, 2022

Tattva Ah-ha!


The absolute reflecting in the dream is like a sky of awareness.

The absolute permeating the dream is like an ocean of consciousness.

The absolute deconstructing the dream is like a mountain of mind.


Awareness witnesses self-awareness. Self-awareness is a reflexive universe, unmanifest to manifest to realization.

Consciousness is conditioned by the three states, the five superimpositions, the seven stages, the nine natural numbers, and eleven.

The mind thinks reality is nothing because the mind thinks the mind is everything. Oh, mind, you don’t know nothing.


Darkness for the sake of darkness is unconscious materialism.

If awareness is unconditioned consciousness, conditioned consciousness is the ten thousand points of view.

After the molecular stage of total material subjugation, conditioned consciousness begins to wiggle its organic light fantastic.


I-am is this conditioned consciousness escaping the hyphen in self-awareness.

Relax, I am, and float upstream. I-am is like the light of awareness burning through the rock of space-time. 

Call this latency, this organic actuality, this growing is-ness, this vehicle of self-awareness, this outbreak, onset, uprising, energy, je suis, jesus, animation, anime, anima, animus, aham, ah-ha!


That’s the nondual absolute. The absolute reflecting in the dream is this one godhead, three gods, seven powers, and ten thousand points of view. In order to neti neti, one must first this this.

Unevolved name and form is the unmanifest. Evolutionary name and form is the manifest. The nondual absolute is beyond the manifest and unmanifest.

I think I am, I think I am, I think I am. I know I am, whatever. Aham yoga is like advaita tantra for the masses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m not


For no principle

Cherry blossom time

In Northeast Massachusetts

April Twenty-three

Awareness reflects,

Permeates, and deconstructs

Each maya blossom

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