Saturday, April 9, 2022

Wander Way (A15)

I, Lalla, tried beyond trying in my search,/ Discovering only my efforts had redoubled./ No matter what I did the door remained bolted./ By resolving only to stay there did I see/ The door was my own doing. ~Lal Ded

Truth isn’t intellectual nor intuitive but being only. There’s no doing truth. Understanding is the waiting. Doing is the door. Being is the way.

The practice of attention-minus-thought is not a practice, but my default. Reminding myself of this is the practice.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with attention including thought, when aware thought is just a tool and not some identity which eclipses the waking day.

It’s also good to remember the lover does the doer. Anandamaya is the link between the so-called individual and universal consciousness.

When dreaming, the mind is like a perpetual motion machine. The secret is to let it spin when not in use, without being hypnotized by its random thoughts.

Deconstruction is the loving doing. Understanding tattvamasi is the waiting. Being is the way. Zhuangzi calls this way wandering at ease.

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