Friday, April 15, 2022

Vivekaka (A17)

Without shit and stuff, self-awareness isn’t. Look, it’s not shit’s fault I've been identifying with it. 

And who am I to be holier than shit? It’s all Isvara.

Awareness is self-aware. Self-awareness appears to be a self-reflexive universe. Why?

Maya isn’t saying. But there’s a koan for that. Cue laughtrack.

Enlightenment is happening every nanosecond like brain cells bursting in an open head of space. 

There's nothing I can do about it but understand I’m undergoing it and stop my fighting it.

I’ve been identifying with this mind ever since I turned organic to escape the rock molecular dreamstate I found myself within. Now it’s time to finally disidentify.

This may take a kalpa or two.

There's a fine fine line between belief and faith. Leave it to religions to always cross it.

Real inquiry isn't blind, my secret friend. Tattvamasi.

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