Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Sonnet Ghazal Anandamaya (A16)


X = maya. Solve for why.

If mind dreaming is the stuff of Freud and Jung, consciousness dreaming is the stuff of Einstein and Shankara.

I was raised Roman Catholic so let me tell you how liberating it is to slowly wake up from a guilty dream and suddenly realize you’re not it’s doer.

Out of the five great superimpositions, only four transmigrate. Anandamaya doesn’t, lover.

Absolute awareness is self-aware of course. And the paradox of such dissemblance appears to be a universe, but is nothing but the self-shining consciousness that absolute awareness is. Now that’s self-awareness.

There are three states of consciousness, five great superimpositions, and seven evolutionary stages of self-awareness. It’s eleven o’clock. Do you know where you are in this matrix right now?

Suddenly in the dominion of anandamaya, the monkey mind awakens.

It's not as much living in the present as not living in the past or future.

Since anandamaya is fully manifest in deep sleep, one doesn't really fall asleep as much as filler up on bliss.

Number nine ad infinitum follows the seventh substage of the seventh stage as the mind of eight has verily been blown sideways.

There's a binary system behind all appearances consisting of some kind of yin and yang. There's a valley spirit behind all such duality. Call it paradox, koan, or maya.

Isvara is just a vedantic name for what the new age calls the universe.

For in the metaparadigm of consciousness first, the universe of materialism is known as universal consciousness.

As individual consciousness has a name, universal consciousness has a name. As universal consciousness has a name, there is no name for the absolute, noumenal, godhead, tao, brahman.

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