Monday, March 21, 2022

Realization Works (A7)

Almost no one thinks they’re doing something bad. See, it’s not the doing that’s the problem but the thinking.

If good works prepare the ground for realization, and only realization knows what good work is, that’s Catch-22 laughs Maya.

Then some are saying unconditional love is the only doer of creative action but that’s easier said than done. But by all means, love.

Even shifting ones identity to a god and surrendering to that god’s intent depends upon a person’s concept of a god. And this is why religious wars.

In the absolute end, realization depends upon the grace of the real. Don’t worry, you know it when you are it.


there's nothing wrong with division. 

it's taking a side which causes all the problems.

likewise, there's nothing wrong with the mind.

it's the right place for realization.

in duality, only truth appears to be a paradox.

love is not a thought. love can't be someone's plan, philosophy, or spiritual practice. there are absolutely no objectives when it comes to love. love loves, period.

tonight's ouroboric trinity is vishnu's existential tail, isvara's universal skin of consciousness, and shiva's evolutionary mouth of self-awareness. let us pray.

just because realization is sudden doesn't mean it's not happening now. it really is and you know it.


to be real, a river of space-time runs through realization.

although you're always on the river, it's the falling in the river you remember.

in my lifetime, only when i'm in the river do i know i am the river.

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