Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Gita Gone

2.11. The humanist speaks wisely, arjuna. But fortunately for you, you’re not a human.

12. I was never not myself. Nor y’all too. We will never not be.

13a. As the sleep dream doesn’t know the waking dream, the waking dream doesn’t know the waking consciousness state. 

13b. An unconscious mind dreaming is a nightmare. An unaware consciousness dreaming is samsara. Reincarnation is on so many levels. Sudden enlightenment has no levels.

14. All pop sensations are impermanent, arjuna. But we’re a classic.

15. Like mary baker eddy.

16. The unreal isn’t, and the real isn’t isn’t. that’s for sure, says jesus.

17. If maya’s creation is pervaded by brahman, and vishnu is indestructible, even isvara can’t destroy itself, sings krishna.

18. Only dreams die. The dreamer doesn’t. come on, you know this. Says krishna to arjuna.

19. You’re neither doer nor the done, free will or fatalism. Everything appears in you, including cause and effect, says krishna to arjuna.

20. Unborn, immortal, perpetually being, consciousness lives, says krishna to frodo.

21. The one who knows the dream is the dreamer, says consciousness to consciousness.

22. just as old clothes are thrown away, a snake will shed its skin. inbetween dreams, the rope is just a rope.


not this one, the mind divides.

fire cannot burn itself.

waves do not inform the sea. 

the wind can't move the changeless."


consciousness is never cut.

consciousness is never cooked.

consciousness is never masticated.

consciousness is never consumed.

indestructible, pervading, changeless,

consciousness eats you.


this is nonsensical.

this is unbelievable.

this is impossible.

knowing this is inevitable.


being is unborn.

believing is dying.

one is beyond such space-time, grasshopper.

do not anthropomorphize consciousness.


being born is busy dying.

busy dying is being born.

who's to say what's cause or what's effect?

do not cry, arjuna.

x. if brahman reflecting in maya is isvara, and brahman pervading maya is vishnu,

y. brahman loving maya is krishna.

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