Thursday, March 24, 2022

Just Consciousness Talking (A8)

The absolute reflected in illusion is universal consciousness.

Universal consciousness reflected in the body-mind is

personal consciousness, or intelligence.

Intelligence untouched by the mind is intuition.

Intelligence filtered by the mind is belief.

Personal consciousness identifies with the body-mind and voila—

the world of belief, samsara of materialism.

So universal consciousness in the form of realized intelligence is

talking to the so-called personal consciousness of unrealized intelligence

but it’s just consciousness talking to consciousness.

Universal consciousness is always talking to personal consciousness,

but personal consciousness, lost in the mad loud world,

is hard of hearing intuition. Thus, realization depends

upon the silent grace of the real. In the material world,

such grace may look like a nervous breakdown, but it is what it is.


myth is the only real rebellion in maya's empire.

the self is self-aware. that self-awareness is universal consciousness. this universal consciousness is the self-reflexive universe. the self-reflexive universe is a myth leading back to the self.

to think i am is to know i am and to know i am is the self-awareness of the self.

intuition and belief are the poles of the mind.

in the realm of self-awareness, it's the job of so-called personal consciousness or nodal consciousness to use the tool of mind. in the art of consciousness and the mind, it becomes one with the mind. this appears to be samsara to the mind.

the mothership of consciousness is always talking to its nodal ship, knowing its the job of its node to travel to the dark side of the moon and back again. just imagine the intricacy.

in a world of constant noise, silence is wealth. similarly, since giving is receiving, pass it on.

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