Monday, March 7, 2022

That's Nonduality (Third Aumanandada)

The not-real depends upon the real, but the real does not depend upon the not-real. The real is different than the not-real, but the not-real is not different than the real. Because there is no difference, there is nonduality.

Isvara is the reflection of Brahman in Maya. Vishnu is pervasion of Brahman in the universe. There are still no names for Brahman.

Neither is consciousness/awareness, intelligence, and bliss, the attributes of Brahman but its essential nature. As unconsciousness/unawareness, ignorance, and sorrow is the nature of the world.

That I am That, Atman is Brahman, universal consciousness is absolute awareness, is the great revelation, the faithful transmission, and the experiential confirmation. Pass it on.


a nihilist is someone overdosing on deconstruction. it's like they've traded one belief for its polar opposite belief. but a religion is a religion is a religion. you really gotta believe in nothing, because it's absolutely impossible to be.

every god is just a single facet of the infinite rainbow diamond absolute brahman, and every god has one-hundred-eight names for oneself. you are one of them.

to Brahman the aware, Brahman the intelligent, Brahman the blissful one; Brahman the eagle-eyed, Brahman the lion-hearted, Brahman the smiling cheshire one; Brahman of Satcitananda!

finally, there is a jesus christ in vedanta. it's called tat tvam asi.

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