Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Deconstruction Blues (A9)

First, deconstruct nothing. The concept of nothing is the world’s greatest concept.

From out of the absolute whole is born this hole of nothing.

People so hate the something they think they are,

they’d rather think they’re nothing instead.

So before attempting self-inquiry, this nothing must be deconstructed.

Otherwise, what exactly is there for inquiry?

This is why you need to pay your dues

before singing the deconstruction blues.

This is why you’re sent to do the guru’s kitchen work.

This is why compassion is the requirement in an elementary education.

And between you and me, it’s apparent this is why I am a parent.

God knows what too sweet little nothings

I’d be whispering in your ears if not.

Instead, I’m neither outer, inner, thinker, doer, nor enjoyer.


if ego is nothing, and you're not the ego, then you're not nothing, no?

the something you think you are is nothing. the whole you know you are is everything.

and deconstructing nothing saves a lot of spiritual time. if you can't, then game over. next?

in the land of the trickster, knowing one is free is better than thinking one is free, but thinking one is free of the trickster is better than believing one isn't free.

in samsara, everyone is doing time.

in the land of the stupid, stupid is not a glitch. it's a feature, says marjorie.

the waking state is a dream state. dream states are my sleep state. sleep is the dash in self-awareness.

your fear of success is not a fear. it's an affirmation of reality.

because there is a world, everyone lives in ten thousand worlds.

you're either acting in someone else's story or directing yours.

my story is self-awareness. who are you?

a friendly reminder: attention minus cognition equals atman equals brahman.

actually, it's attention minus cognition minus intuition minus affection. new math isn't easy, sister.

i am self-aware, i am self-aware, i am self-aware.

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