Sunday, February 27, 2022

bhagavad gita english advaita wise

what should a poor arjuna do? so many english gitas!

first, if we're talking the gita with shankara's commentary (bhasya), there's really only two. gambhirananda or warrier.

second, if we're talking modern advaita vedanta commentary, we're basically talking chinmayananda or dayananda.

last, for sanskrit translation in particular, there's the sargent. and for an advaitin transcreation, there's the jacobs. other than that, there's like ten thousand others.

lastly, there's the nikhilananda, which may be all of the above.

to clarify, as for english gitas, advaita-wise more or less, there's seven: gambhirananda, warrier, chinmayananda, dayananda, nikhilananda, jacobs, and sargent.

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