Saturday, February 19, 2022

An American Mahavakya

Before one knows I am That (or consciousness is the absolute, atman is brahman, tat asi tvam), one must first know one is consciousness.

In America, where materialism rules like the new boss, it’s believed the brain produces consciousness, like money produces happiness, lol. Else sing about Jesus and drink wine all day.

Meanwhile, all across the land, the consciousness prophets are selling their product as best as they can. For when in Rome, one either does what the Romans do, or go ignored (or worse co-opted) into that good green night.

This turning, this new metaparadigm, this abandoning of one’s conditioning to identify as mind or body or body-mind, requires this kind of elementary education. Mama, don’t let the doctors of divinity teach your children.

Everything appears in consciousness. Think about it. If everything appears in consciousness, and I am witnessing everything, then I am consciousness. This is an American Mahavakya.

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