Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ode to Awareness

Supreme attention is attention without thought. Attention without thought is unadulterated awareness.

Awareness is like the sea if the sea is the heart. And awareness is like the sky if awareness is the eye.

Awareness is the rope, the double-helix of nonduality. And thought is the snake, the superimposition.

Awareness is the godhead and awareness is the soul. Awareness is brahman and atman is awareness.

Awareness is consciousness without a doubt. But we already know that, don't we, awareness?


ATTENTION is about as experiential as one can get. and attention without thought is about as equally non-experiential. beginning at the beginning to end in the timeless is the real art of maya.

all metaphors come in twos, vehicle and tenor. the vehicle is like the finger and the tenor is the moon. the third part of a metaphor is always paradox. it's the unsung which the tenor sings.

some talk about the rope and some don't. ain't no thang.

awareness is the ground, the movie screen, the open field in which the child, space-time, is now appearing.

the last math, the final point. if attention minus thought equals the absolute godhead of brahman awareness, then attention plus deconstruction equals that as well. but who am i to say?

dedicated to ulladu narpadu

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