Saturday, February 5, 2022

The Heartwood of Nonduality


There’s only awareness and self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the natural expression of awareness.


If self-awareness were a tree, being would be its heartwood.

And if being were the heartwood, mind would be the bell


of that experiential self-awareness

and memory, the rings within the tree itself.


Attention, do not mistake the rings of memory for the heartwood of being.

Further, don’t mistake the heartwood of self-shining consciousness for something other.


Consciousness is awareness.

Nonduality is nonduality is nondual.


divine imagination is ringing who am i? who am i? who am i?

materialism is not as much a theory as it is a postulate.

thought is the stuff of now. memory is the stuff of thought. ego is the stuff of memory. nirvana is the stuff of samsara.

there's no logic to life. there's only the story of its happening.

that the absolute equals attention minus cognition is the real mass-energy equivalence.

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