Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Cyphering Self Hyphen Awareness

Absolute awareness is self-shining consciousness. The mind is what registers this truth.

Call this self-evident truth self-awareness. The mind is the hyphen in self-awareness. And it’s cypher.

The absolute by the power of its paradox is witnessing itself. This is how the mind sees self-awareness. It’s everywhere!


the mind is a mirror. let me count the way.

my granddaughter turned five last month. she's beginning to talk about herself in the third person. i love how true duality begins.

another name for witnessing is self-awareness (being self-aware). another name for paradox is maya (illusion, delusion, occlusion). another name for everywhere is (god, universe, the void).

you don't choose the way. the way chooses to lose you.

before self-awareness is self-consciousness. it peaks in adolescence. sometimes it ends in self-inquiry. sometimes it needs another dreamtime.

this afternoon was ice-out on the river. to be honest, i'm not certain there was ever an ice-in.

there's a lot of esoteric terminology for the common passages in life. do not get lost in this terminology.

by the time you're reading this, you've already been there, but haven't done the math.

do yourself a favor and know your myth.

after revelations come the footnotes. if it's good enough for the blue cliff record, it's good enough for me.

creation without paradox is like mental masturbation. it sure feels good but honestly i need the eggs.

the mind is your tool. identifying with the mind makes you its.

these are the gitas for 2022.

the full-tilt shankara bhasyas are the gambhirananda and the warrier.

an abridged shankara is the nikhilananda. the deep translation is the sargent. a modern advaita vedanta commentary is the chinmayananda. and it appears the sargent is there for any further language-specific questions.

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