Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Being Nonduality

Materialism is a great disease. Truly changing one’s metaparadigm from materialism to nondualism takes a whole lot of medicine.

Turning from the belief that consciousness rises from the material to the experiential fact that consciousness is foundational doesn’t ordinarily happen overnight.

Many people fall into the trap of just believing consciousness is foundational. Nonduality is not belief, but being only.

But believing in nonduality is not a bad thing. It’s just still a thing. It may even be a good thing, if you believe there’s still further to go.


the language of duality is right and left, up and down, past and present, this and that. the language of nonduality is right and left, up and down, past and present, this and that. when you see nonduality on the road, drop it, kill it. throw away both thorns.

belief is like the water we swim in. the first stroke in unbelieving is understanding what belief is, and that it isn't.

in america, the trap of believing in nonduality is often accompanied by the trappings of some foreign culture where nonduality is not a foreign concept, like it is in most america.

concurrently while reading foreign works of nonduality, it helps to keep in mind that its intended audience was swimming in the sea of a certain belief system of its own. exhibit a: the great hymns of shankara.

one knows the water one swims in by attending to what one is figuratively breathing. another name for lucid dreaming is lucid believing.

the tool of nonduality is used to deconstruct duality and indicate reality, and not to idolize in any way. thus i am writing to my intended audience, myself.

god and ego are our co-dependent idols, my fellow sentient being.

1. nonduality is not big science.

2. little science is earnestly experimental.

3. inquisitive science is faithfully theoretical.

4. approving theory without inquiry is the definition of belief.

5. religion is big belief.

6. big belief is the latest synthesis of the most popular conspiracy theories.

7. meet the new empire.

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