Friday, February 11, 2022

Devotion to Reality


Thoughts may deconstruct the unreal or point to the real, but thought is not itself real.

In the world, only love comes close to the real. In reality, only this self-shining consciousness is real.

At best, science deconstructs and myth indicates, but only one’s attention minus thought is real.


Some people find themselves, thru the evolution of life, at a place in which devotion to a single teacher is essential.

There’s the inner teacher and the outer teacher, of which there’s an embodied teacher and a teacher’s written revelations.

Choose one and give that your devotion.


thought is the stuff of dreams but reality is not a dream, neither the dream called dream nor the dream called reality.

romantic love is affection for a thought-form. unconditional love is affection for a being. reality is being.

western science was at its best deconstructing the roman christian empire, but at its worst theorizing its own materialistic one.

on the other hand, myth is at its best pointing to the unbelievable truth, but at its worst becoming religious belief.

cause and effect, god, reality, revelation, renunciation, resting, self-awareness.

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