Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Ode to Twosday


After the rock of deep sleep and the ripe vegetation of the sleeping dream, the dreamlike awareness of the dream awaking is like a great hallucination to universal consciousness.

In such living color, consciousness, of course, identifies with the amazing body-mind. Wouldn’t you? Now, it is seeing through its error of its being it, just because it hurts.

Not to mention, in America, there’s still a thing called public education, with its disciplines of reading, writing, history, geography, and rhythm & blues.


After modern education is postmodern deconstruction. In India, they call this learning neti neti. It’s one of the two designed usages for the tool of mind.

The second honest usage of the mind is called indication, or pointing. It’s basically consciousness talking to consciousness in simple metaphor, or maybe charades!

The third and double-secret usage of the mind is called paradox, koan, maya. You read it here first. That the permanent appears to be impermanent is one trick pony.


lately it's like if advaita vedanta is the sea in which the ten-thousand foot wave of nisargadatta maharaj appears, then sign me up.

the genius of gaudapada is in seeing that the waking dream is just another state of consciousness, as is deep sleep and the sleeping dream, and not consciousness, the fourth, the force, only.

before self-awareness is self-consciousness. before self-consciousness is the inorganic molecular rock of ignorance and it's evolving organization.

all poetry is just three chords and the truth. all truth is deconstruction and its revelation.

that deconstruction is one of the two legitimate uses of the mind indicates a certain kind of clairvoyance, or what arthur m. bell calls "the dependence of seventh substages on the next highest stage." paradox, koan, and maya, oh my!

it is said when consciousness points at consciousness, the fool looks at consciousness. who says that?

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