Monday, February 7, 2022


Desire minus thought equals love. Love without a name is called ananda.

The mundane minus thought equals being. Another name for being is consciousness. Self-shining consciousness is that. There is no name for that.

Book knowledge minus thought equals experiential knowledge. In other words, the manifested material universe minus all conceptual names and forms equals the unmanifested that, i.


if om is omniscient,

call me aumanandada:

if A = a - t then A + t = a ,

but if t = a - A , and A = ∞ , then t = ( i² = −1 )

and ( i² = −1 ) = m(a)yA;

thus if k - t = K,

and aum - k = I,

then I = aumanandada.


in advaita vedanta, the upanishads are that which is heard—revelation. the bhagavad gita is that which is remembered—myth. and the brahma sutra is that which has been codified—law. revelation always comes before myth, and myth always comes before the law.

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