Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Ode to My Way


Not only socially conditioned with thought, but conditioned to identify with particular thoughts, I forgot that I am nonconceptually brahman.

Absolute awareness is, if nothing else, self-aware. The cross-section of this self-awareness appears to be a universe of space-time. The heartwood of this universe is enlightening intent.

Knowing that the absolute is the efficient cause is being conscious but realizing that the absolute is the material cause is self-awareness.

First, I cannot know myself by any conceptual way. Thus there is no name for tao, that self-shining consciousness of pure awareness.


Consciousness becomes unconscious, and in that space of deep sleep, the duality of dreaming mind appears to build a daytime dreamstate, and then deconstruct it, thereby reawakening consciousness. The next chapter is entitled embodiment.

If the universe appears to be a cross-section of self-awareness, then the stuff of the universe is consciousness, which is the stuff of self-awareness.

Consciousness is the stuff of the universe and absolute awareness. Thus it is said Atman is Brahman. On the other hand, the duality of dreaming is the stuff of the mind.


The knowledge of the mind is limited to the realm of the mind, fantasies, deconstructions and lucid dreamings like meditation, contemplation and other visualizations.

Turning inwards to the intuitive understanding of oneself is more like love than process. Even the lucid dreaming of the deepest meditation only takes you to the gate.

It’s not as much a question of effort as one of effortlessness. Self-awareness is inevitable because self-awareness is all that is. All fog lifts, period.

To a person, consciousness is a pre-existing condition. To consciousness, the body-mind is a vehicle to self-awareness. The self that realizes the self is the self.



the process of remembering who i am is told in seven myths: awareness, space-time, dream-time, past-time, now-time, light-time, and the self-awareness of timeless awareness

the wormhole of this universe is love

the formal cause of this universe is its heartwood

in the name of the person does not have consciousness, consciousness has the person, and the absolute has consciousness, aumdada


consciousness, (unconsciousness (deep sleep), dreamtime, daytime, deconstruction time / consciousness awakens

using the tool is called embodiment.

consciousness is to the universe as the mind is to the world. consciousness is to the absolute as absolute awareness is to self-shining consciousness.

everything but consciousness is dreamstate or deconstructing myth.


As good fences make good neighbors, good myth makes good deconstruction. The religion is good myth gone bad.

First, the mind is intentionally born in unconsciousness. Consciousness must become unconscious, or in other words, sleep, to make the mind. Call this deep sleep.

In deep sleep appears the mind. First, the mind learns to dream in the language of thought. Call this dreamtime. Next, the mind learns to dream in living color, loving consciousness. Call this daytime.

Consciousness becomes unconscious to make the mind, knowing the deconstructing mind will wake it up. Consciousness makes the mind for self-awareness. Call this tool, divine imagination.

Myth is mind deconstructing mind. The embodiment of lucid dreaming is the divine imagination of self-shining consciousness manifesting self-awareness. Myth is like sutra. Embodiment is like tantra.


people meditate. consciousness dreams lucidly.

love is mind-training 101.

duality is ten thousand concepts. misconception is identifying with a single one;

in the sudden presence of nonduality, there's an absence of identification called awakening, revelation, kensho, savikalpa samadhi.

in ouroboric visualization, satcitananda is the kundalini-like tail and awareness is the empty mouth.

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