Saturday, August 20, 2022

The Magnificent Seven Stages of Realization

In dreaming, the mind is the material, instrumental, and efficient cause. In the case of the world in general, that is brahman.

The mind dreams in consciousness. Consciousness dreams in self-awareness. The relationship of self-awareness and absolute awareness is complicated.

Awareness is aware of awareness if awareness is aware of anything. That awareness is not a thing is why self-awareness is mixed up with maya.

Between maya and postmodern deconstruction is avidya. Ignorance. The molecular imprisonment of misidentification.

Tonight’s seven stages of realization are awareness, self-awareness, maya, avidya, deconstruction, nonduality, and reality.

Myths are like pointers. Fools turn them to religion. This fool lives on earth. The moon is prana. The sun is prajna. The black whole is reality.

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