Saturday, August 27, 2022

Mythical Daydreams of Universal Consciousness

Heads up, words may negate the false and point to the true, but the truth cannot be named.

One is the truth and that is all one needs to know.

Nevertheless, manifestation is not the material universe.

Universal consciousness is the actual universe and a material universe is appearing within this Isvara universe.

Like dreams appearing within the mind, fractal worlds are appearing within this one true consciousness.

As nightmares are the psychological expressions of an individual consciousness, individual consciousnesses are the mythical daydreams of universal consciousness.

Without dreams, there is no psychological evolution.

Without myth, there is no evolutionary self-awareness.

Individual consciousness and universal consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is to absolute awareness as atman is to brahman.

As a reminder, rishis pointing to the moon is the foundation of all nondual myth.

Fools believing in myth are the ruins of all religion.

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