Saturday, August 13, 2022

Naturally Parabrahman


No one can hold their breath forever. Similarly, it’s not as much about acquiring the natural state as letting go a false one. Look, you can breathe easy. One is the natural state.


While the direct meaning of tvam (thou) is jiva (ego) in tat tvam asi, the indicative meaning is atman (the witnessing consciousness). While the direct meaning of tat (That) is Isvara (universal consciousness), the indicative meaning is brahman (the absolute). Atman is brahman.


Jiva is atman functioning through avidya (ignorance). Isvara is brahman functioning through maya (illusion). Atman is brahman is parabrahman.


Witnessing consciousness is not a passive entity. Without this witness, there’s nothing to witness. It’s like a flashlight in the dark, if that flashlight is also projecting everything within the circle of light it is witnessing.


They say attention minus thought is absolute awareness. That's what I say. This natural universe is all about self-awareness. If you can read this, this is your universe too.

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