Thursday, August 3, 2023

Return to Satcitananda


The fact of my outer self being an illusion is only a problem if I’m a materialist. I’m not.

At my worst, I was agnostic, but never atheistic, thank god.


One late august evening, I decided to become a fundamentalist christian. My ear had twitched!

Of course, no one decides these things. They just happen. That’s the nature of appearances and dreams. Thankfully it didn’t take.


Where was I? Ok, so materialism is not just a belief. It’s a metaparadigm.

In my book, a materialist is an atheist believing consciousness is an appearance in the material world.


Believe it or not, it’s easier for a fundamental religionist to pass through that eye of a needle than an atheistic scientific materialist.

Return to consciousness, my friend.


I am that raw electricity of consciousness and not the body-mind industrial complex.

Following myself to the source, paramatman is parabrahman.

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