Thursday, August 17, 2023

Let Isvara Be Isvara

Common consciousness is the universal consciousness reflecting in the subtle body and spreading like wildfire to the far extremities of the outer body.

The body-mind is just a node in the network of universal consciousness. When it ceases to exist, nothing really happens.

Before the node, universal consciousness. During the node, universal consciousness. After the node, universal consciousness.

Of course, this is Maya’s point of view and Maya has ten thousand points of view. They’re called myths. This one is called the myth of Isvara.

In this way, pure consciousness, pure existence, pure bliss, satcitananda, parabrahman, is the nondual absolute godhead

in which saguna brahman god of universal consciousness in the name of self-awareness, Isvara, appears. Tattvamasi.

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