Saturday, August 19, 2023

From the Seventh Substage of the Seventh Stage


In the reflexive universe of Isvara, everything but realization is an illusion. 


Consciousness, like light, is completely free. The speed of light is beyond space and time.

In the nuclear world, there’s wave and particle, neither of which is completely free. Apres tao, la yin and le yang.

The atomic world is one of identity. There’s a periodic table of the elements arranged in rows and columns by a periodic law.


The molecular world has zero freedom. Not only does classical physics reside here, but dna makes its appearance in the seventh substage.

(Interestingly enough, dna requires cells that appear in the next stage of Young's universe. In other words, each stage is dependent on the next stage. Every stage has its satguru.)

Further, in the fourth substage of the fourth stage is the great turn of functional compounds, organic chemicals, and sex hormones.


In the vegetable world, there is growth, organization, reproduction, and flowers.

In the animal world, there is mobility, action, nervous systems, and animal souls. Like birds in flight and the great queen bee.

In the human world, there is the inner soul of atman, and the outer soul of brahman, and the mahavakya—ayam atma brahma. Self-realization!


In conclusion, light (nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, human) light.

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