Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Identifying Satcitananda


Separation is people. Violence is people. War is people. Climate desecration is people. Self-destruction is people.

Individuality is impossible. A person is conceptual only. And humans are indeed victims of the insane.

Body-mind always breaks and takes a side. But the more one identifies with intelligent awareness, the less the tears will be.


I have no argument with present existence although thoughts still have a tendency to get in the way—it’s good to stop and smell the power of being every now and again.

In the world, the manifestation of intelligent awareness is called neti neti—this 'not this, not this' is systematically deconstructing this conceptual network, node by node.

Bliss is not of this world at all. Bliss is holistic. The opposite of holistic bliss is samsara. And bliss is infinite. The opposite of infinite bliss is space-time.

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