Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Untouchable Satcitananda

O consciousness – intelligence – awareness. This is my triangulation of the 'cit' in satcitananda. It's real knowledge and not some other kind of CIA.

And being – existence – presence is triangulation for the 'sat' in satcitananda. When you have three words to juggle, it’s harder obsessing on one and building a belief system on it.

Meanwhile holistic infinity bliss stands in for 'ananda.' Bliss is a problematic translation in the world, loaded with such preconceived bias. So holistic infinity helps.

Thus the highest acronym for the godhead known as satcitananda is BEP-CIA-HIB. It's not meant to be easy to say. It's as unwieldy as the power of three. You can't touch that.

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