Sunday, August 6, 2023

Meet the Brahmans


In the opera of the metaphor—

the tenor is the unspeakable thing being described

and the vehicle is the figurative language used to describe it—

samsara is like a snake superimposed on the rope of satcitananda.


On the interpretation of dreaming—

in interpreting our dreams

the dream itself

is somewhat meaningless—

that we are always dreaming

is the first analysis

requiring our understanding.


Not rocket science—

seeing through samsara isn’t rocket science—

there’s no such thing as individual consciousness

but it’s going to hurt if you think there is.


On natural awareness—

attention is thoughtful awareness—

this is known as ordinary awareness in samsara;

the formula for natural awareness is attention minus thought.


The bliss of intelligent awareness—

satcitananda is the holy trinity of reality—

harmonic principle of raw existence, pure consciousness, and holistic infinity,

and it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not.


Meet the brahmans—

saguna brahman is brahman with qualities;

nirguna brahman is brahman without qualities;

parabrahman is brahman beyond qualties.

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