Saturday, July 16, 2022

Consciousness 802

Consciousness is nameless; this is why it’s called consciousness. Consciousness is formless; this is why it looks like consciousness. Consciousness is sourceless. This is why prajnanam brahma.

Western science started deconstructing dogma but soon it hit the harder stuff of theory. And ouroboros is just shorthand for nameless, formless, and sourceless.

Science is a method as is meditation. Many fall in love with method and forsake the truth. That’s called dark method. Ignorance is dark bliss. Waves are figments in the moonlight of maya.

Everything appears in consciousness! This is your first fact and only capital. Don't forget it. Do not invest it unwisely. O John Keats, beauty is truth but truth is not beauty! Do not go misinformed into that good night.

Raw awareness is my innate intelligence. Natural consciousness is my being. And the whole of it is bliss. In true science, there is no materialism. In true science, consciousness is foundational.

In true science, there are three states of consciousness. The fourth state is the stateless state of consciousness. Dreaming is an altered state of consciousness, is it not?

There is awareness and self-awareness; between them maya flows. Return to consciousness. It’s easier done than said. That nondoing does it is the inside joke here.

Every wave happens in a sea. That the sea happens in every wave, thank you, maya. There are three states of consciousness: deep sleep, sleep dreams, and dreaming deeply.

Three states of consciousness appear in the stateless state, says our hero, Gaudapada, Mandukya like. DO YOU ACCEPT CONSCIOUSNESS AS YOUR SAVIOR?

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