Friday, July 8, 2022

Chandogya Creation Myth

being alone (sat eva)—

this before manifestation (idam agre asit)—

one only, without a second

(ekam eva advitiyam)

~Chandoga 6.2.1

that conceives (tat aikshata)—

becoming many (bahu syam)—

projecting thus (prajayeya iti)

~Chandogya 6.2.3

note: incorporated into this myth is a refutation of non-being as the one without a second. it's asked in 6.2.2, how could being arise from non-being? so it is affirmed that being, indeed, is the one without a second. (and as it will be later confirmed, tat tvam asi, this is not some hypothetical conception but completely experiential.)

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