Saturday, July 30, 2022

Aham Parabrahman

Prana consciousness to Prajna consciousness is the life cycle of an ouroboros.

One could say from kriya shakti to jnana shakti if you prefer. Or life force and awareness will do.

It's all maya and brahman in self-awareness. Here's a surprise for you—maya is the ouroboros.

Remember, it's Parabrahman, Jake. Call this mahavakya, Aham Parabrahman.


1. my current practice/play is ouroboric meditation.

2. ouroboric meditation is bhakta, tantra, and jnana wrapped up in one.

3. nirguna brahman swallows saguna brahman in ouroboric maya, but parabrahman is beyond the mind of the ouroboros.

4. tat tvam asi, aham tat. aham brahma asmi, aham parabrahman.

a. pour moi, a navnath is all about the tantric simplicity of prana-consciousness, or what N calls 'i am'. a mahavakyan is all about the jnanic simplicity of prajna-consciousness, or what advaita vedanta calls the mahavakya.

b. aham tat, aham parabrahman. i call myself a navnath mahavakyan as if a new religion, like shotgun, pope, or copyright.

c. if 'i am' is simple tantra, and 'i am parabrahman' is simple jnana, 'god the parabrahman and me, devotee, are one i' is simple bhakta.

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