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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Aham Parabrahman

Prana consciousness to Prajna consciousness is the life cycle of an ouroboros.

One could say from kriya shakti to jnana shakti if you prefer. Or life force and awareness will do.

It's all maya and brahman in self-awareness. Here's a surprise for you—maya is the ouroboros.

Remember, it's Parabrahman, Jake. Call this mahavakya, Aham Parabrahman.


1. my current practice/play is ouroboric meditation.

2. ouroboric meditation is bhakta, tantra, and jnana wrapped up in one.

3. nirguna brahman swallows saguna brahman in ouroboric maya, but parabrahman is beyond the mind of the ouroboros.

4. tat tvam asi, aham tat. aham brahma asmi, aham parabrahman.

a. pour moi, a navnath is all about the tantric simplicity of prana-consciousness, or what N calls 'i am'. a mahavakyan is all about the jnanic simplicity of prajna-consciousness, or what advaita vedanta calls the mahavakya.

b. aham tat, aham parabrahman. i call myself a navnath mahavakyan as if a new religion, like shotgun, pope, or copyright.

c. if 'i am' is simple tantra, and 'i am parabrahman' is simple jnana, 'god the parabrahman and me, devotee, are one i' is simple bhakta.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Paradox 801

Just as a dream is activated by the sleeping mind but upon waking there is no dream, the anatma is enlivened in the presence of the atma, but in the paramatma there is no anatma.

As nihilism is a side-effect of deconstruction, belief is a side-effect of myth. On the other hand, if Maya was a myth, paradox would be its side-effect.

If universal consciousness is the doer, and individual consciousness is the deed, self-awareness is the motive. It was Isvara in samsara with the sharp edge of a mirror!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Self-Awareness 801

Don’t mistake awareness for self-awareness;

everything is aware to some degree.

But when it comes to self-awareness,

human beings are the crown of creation.

Omnipotent awareness is naturally self-aware

and that’s a supernatural fact.

Self-awareness in and of itself may be a dream

but it’s an evolutionary one.

Apocalyptic self-awareness requires an evolved mind

both capable of seeing through the dream

in carefully measured deconstruction

and being quiet like a mirror.

1. Both babies and bees are aware but anthropomorphize neither. Let the reflexive universe of self-awareness take its course.

2. Yes, the world is the dark sheep night of the soul. Yay but in this dark bliss of rough tough love, please allow me, the witnessing light of deep consciousness, to be your shepherd and satguru.

3. If individual consciousness is subjective consciousness identifying with objective consciousness, universal consciousness is proof it never happened. Universal consciousness is another name for self-awareness.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Consciousness 801

Consciousness is nameless, formless, and sourceless.

So consciousness is not a product of the brain.

If anything, the brain is a product of the life force informed by consciousness.

Western electric called it a transistor. What is a body-mind?

Self-awareness is just refined consciousness; consciousness is raw awareness.

The mind dreams dreams but consciousness dreams the mind.

The dream is the absolute. But the absolute is not a dream.

This is why we say maya dreams consciousness.

It’s basic algebra. Or advanced paradox.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Self-Awareness in Spacetime

Self-awareness not only implies unawareness

but the temporary nature of this unawareness.

As if there is samsara

but one comes to nirvana through maya.

Like samsara is the space and maya is the time.

Like not only is atman brahman,

atman was never not brahman

and brahman is never atman.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dances with Atman

There’s nobody but myself.

This is true for you too.

The cosmic egg cracks and there’s a mouth.

The mouth speaks and there’s atomic fire.

Nobody knows the samsara I have seen.

All myth revolves around yourself.

All words are my words, it doesn’t matter what you say.

I give them definition.

That’s why everyone is pointing at the full wolf moon.

End science.

Saturday, June 25, 2022


The beginningless is brahman.

In the beginning was atman, the self,

and it’s world of self-awareness.

In the beginningless, there is no beginning.

In the beginning was maya.

Right here, right now, atman is brahman.

Thursday, June 23, 2022


All appears in consciousness unless you think about it.

Consciousness minus thought equals absolute awareness.

In other words, prajnanam brahma.

Consciousness is primordial knowledge.

Thought is the stuff of dreams.

Belief is original sin.

Look, between self and self-awareness is a dream

because there is no difference between self and self-awareness.

Call this nonduality.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Talking Nondual Talking

Deconstruction only removes the ingredients. Silence cooks it.

Besides deconstructing the world, there’s pointing to the moon.

And the difference between pointers and paradox is the dark side of the moon.

Then there’s the mahavakyas: Tat Tvam Asi; Aham Brahmāsmi; Prajnanam Brahma; Ayam Atma Brahma.

While the fool points to the moon, the wise man looks at the dark side of the moon.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Epistle to the Mayanths


Absolute awareness is timelessly self-aware.

A reflexive universe of evolutionary space-time is this self-awareness made manifest.

Manifestation is that process of self-awareness divided into those fractions with the largest denominator possible—

we ones divided by maya.



the mind is an integral element within this process of self-awareness until it's not.

So don't go prematurely losing it to some beautiful belief—

even nonduality.


Although self-realization is a done deal

(timelessly beginningless

(as is maya, coincidentally)),

self-awareness paradoxically necessitates

full cooperation of the mind

("clear eyes, full heart, can't lose"),

including its negative capabilities

and tendencies toward kensho.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022


Another name for space-time is Maya.

This universe of universal consciousness, named the lord god,

Isvara, equals the absolute conditioned by Maya.

This method called Advaita is creation myth at heart.

The individual is universal consciousness conditioned by more Maya.

Based on the data from the body which has been confirmed by empires for ages,

what the mind thinks to be reality is not what consciousness knows.

This central disconnect is the essential backdrop behind

all paradox from zeno to zen and all of maya.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Meditation Three

Belief is all about thought. Myth is more about experience.

Myth looks at the moon while religion looks at the myth.

But religion is to myth as myth is to paradox; all roads lead to Nome.

Belief is to symptoms as the myth of nonduality is to the disease.

Like e=mc², maya equals three states of consciousness 

by five superimpositions by seven stages of self-awareness.

Please note three states, five superimpositions, and seven stages equal 

the waking dream, dreaming sleep, deep sleep; outer, inner, thinker, doer, lover;

potential, substance, form, combination, organization, mobility, dominion.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Meditating Two

While zen has countless koans,

advaita has this one of Maya.

Because the unmanifest absolute is

by definition unchanging,

Maya is the main myth used

to illustrate a paradoxical

universe of phenomenal change.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Meditation Number One

If awareness equals consciousness minus Maya,

then the original sin is the concept of consciousness itself, I am;

meditate on a concept long enough and suddenly it disappears

into the pure potentiality that is consciousness, n'est-ce pas?

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Fountains of Consciousness


In the land of seven billion fountains,

there’s only water.

This fountain apparatus is here for just one purpose—


turning the life force of consciousness

into a shimmering sky of self-awareness:

clay/pot, rope/snake, silver/mother of pearl!


Fountain/water is just more metaphor

in the name of self-awareness.

You’re welcome.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Love, Nonduality 13


The world is made of definitions—

invoking one reality, indivisible, with nondualty for all.


Neither the outer, inner, thinker, doer,

nor even lover, be.


But love is the empress of duality.

Love is the one in the land of two.


Love doesn’t own its own doing.

Love doesn’t think before love does.


There is no 'in love' and there is no 'out of love'.

There’s only whole love.


Yes, there is no love in nonduality,

but there’s nonduality in love.




shankara called this world of definitions, namarupa, name-forms;

between namarupa and brahman is maya.


some call maya 'unevolved namarupa'; 

that's fine by maya.


advaita talks about the five sheaths 'covering' atman;

i shall be calling them the five great superimpositions.


they say the inner, the outer, and the thinker dies, while the doer transmigrates.

but the lover neither dies nor transmigrates.



yes, between nonduality and duality is maya.


from pov duality, maya is the goddess of paradox;

but from pov nonduality, maya is love.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Some Nondual Maps (A13)

Some call individual consciousness, jiva. Some call universal consciousness, isvara. Some call self-shining consciousness, awareness, brahman, parabrahman, brahman nirguna, the absolute, the noumenal, not maya but not nothing, that pure land beyond all names, i.

Some say there are five primary sheaths conditioning universal consciousness. I call them the five superimpositions: outer, inner, thinker, doer, and lover. Some call them, annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijnamaya, anandamaya. Universal consciousness is only conditioned by maya.

In this self-reflexiveness myth, self-shining consciousness descends to material unawareness and back in seven stages. Young calls them, potential, substance, form, combination, organization, mobility, dominion. The turning in the middle of the fourth state is the first step of self-awareness.

Some say there are three states of personal consciousness. The waking state is consciousness dreaming. The dream state is the mind dreaming. Deep sleep is no dreaming or the absence of duality. True awakening, on the other hand, is the presence of nonduality.

Circling back to the five superimpositions, the lover is like a no-man's land, first superimposition. Anandamaya precedes the jiva! Love is the real in the world of the unreal. Anandamaya does not transmigrate! It's the border station for isvara and the jiva. Some call this bhakti.