Wednesday, July 6, 2022

In the Paraverse of Our Trimurti

Division begets division. It doesn’t matter what division. Division feeds the empire. Just take a side already.

Just being a person is a violent act. The war begins at one year old. War is the way of the world. Love is the way of the bird.

There are many names for love, including love, bodhicitta, and ananda. It’s just a quality of consciousness, like being or wisdom.

These qualities are best described as not divided, not nonexistent, and not unintelligent. Use positive words sparingly less you'll believe them.

Using such words in threes is not a bad idea either. That’s part of the power of three. Like the holy trinity, satcitananda, or the power of three.


1. it's the oldest trick in the book of conquistador. divide the one into two, and so on. the odds are so much better for the empire this way.

2a. conditioning is nothing but the art of division. 2b. true love is unconditional.

3. in my nonduality, compassion is like the via negativa of love. who are you?

4. if the first fall is conditioning, the second fall is believing in our deconditioning. say it, don't spray it.

5. if two is conditioning and one is belief, three is the sign of nonduality, is it not?

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