Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A Nondual Ouroboros

In a nondual ouroboros, there’s the mouth of consciousness/awareness, the blissful body of the whole, and the life force of pure existence.

First, life begins at the tail. Like ignorance, materialism is bliss. Awareness is consciousness turned up to eleven kalas.

Self-awareness is as myth was. Every night I forget a dozen dreams for every one I wake into. There’s no argument when there’s no belief.

Note the ouroboros is maya's pet serpent. Note awareness is self-aware but self-awareness is maya.

Note electricity may power the light bulb but everything appears in the light of consciousness including the light bulb.

So the universe appears closer every day. And beyond this spacetime is consciousness—that's as close as the truth can get.

Prajnanam brahma. Tat tvam asi. Ayam atma brahma. Aham brahma asmi.

Consciousness is the noumenal. Tattvamasi. This node is the noumenon. I am Brahman as I am. 

Tell all the truth but tell it paradoxically. Leave something slant for your faithful mind to chew on in the corner.

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