Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Ode to Satcitananda

I is another name for pure existence (sat). Revelation is another name for pure awareness (cit). Beyond is another name for holistic bliss infinity (ananda). Satcitananda is another name for brahman which is another name for the big beyond the bang.

Life is the manifestation of being. Evolution is the manifestation of intelligence. Self-awareness is the manifestation of holistic bliss infinity. With being and existence, presence is sat. With awareness and intelligence, consciousness is cit. With holistic bliss, infinity is ananda.

Satcitananda is brahman, nirguna brahman, the absolute. The manifestation of satcitananda is isvara, saguna brahman, universal consciousness. Isvara minus maya is brahman. Ego minus avidya is atman. Atman is brahman, the end.

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