Thursday, April 25, 2024

A Subtle Body Is Born Unto Maya

A subtle body of organic chemicals and functional compounds is born unto Maya.

And after evolving from its original material ignorance to this particular subtlety, it has grown ethereal enough to be touched by the Supreme Witness.

The sentience its inertness now receives spreads like wildfire reaching the outer limits of the material body to which it is still connected.

As if lightning has struck this subtlety, it is transformed into mind, memory, intellect, and ego identifying with the newly sentient physical body.

This encounter with reflected consciousness has created this monster of individual consciousness currently living in samsara.

a. Mind on fire

The mind is on fire with consciousness and every thought is a modification of consciousness.

Drop the thought and consciousness remains. 

One can't drop consciousness. One is consciousness.

b. I-am is the halfway house

I is the witness and I-am is the subtle body of mind and ego complex before identifying with the body of ten thousand identifications.

In Nisargayoga, I-am is the halfway house between the empirical chaos of ten thousand conceptual identifications and the reality of the nonconceptual witness.

I-am is like the fire-iron ball of Vidyaranya.

c. On Zuni Time

On the long drive through the Cibola desert to Zuni Pueblo, I see a great white buffalo on the side of the road checking my credentials and allowing me to pass.

Upon entering the Pueblo, I stop at a jewelry shop to buy my people Zuni earrings. But the shopkeeper offers to close down shop and accompany me to the sacred top of Dowa Yalanne mesa which I had been admiring from his window and where his people had fled to shelter in 1540 escaping Coronado.

An hour later, outside a closed souvenir shop, some Zuni teenagers in a red Chevy sell me a white eagle fetish carving for gas money to Gallup, New Mexico and a night on the town. I double-taped it to my dashboard where it still perches, shielding me from the conquistadors of today.

d. Meaning

To be a human being is double-edged.

Self-realization is the meaning of maya if maya can be given meaning.

And samsara is the cost of any meaning.

e. To laugh

Sentience is infectious.

Laughter is instant deconstruction.

Between the substrate of consciousness and the superimposition of construction is to laugh.

f. On Witnessing

I love in Advita Vedanta it's not about the judge but the witness.

And the witness not only witnesses but the witness testifies. Have mercy!

This Testament of the Witness is like Holy Scripture to those who hear. 

g. untitled

Other than consciousness and existence, there's ignorance and birth.

The real self is pure consciousness. Impure consciousness takes just one belief. I believe that consciousness can never be impure.

Existence is the first principle. Even furniture exists. Pure consciousness is the second principle. I am, therefore I know the third principle is Ananda. There is no English translation for this blissful word.

h. Consciousness

Individual consciousness is avidya.

Universal consciousness is maya.

Pure consciousness is parabrahman

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