Tuesday, April 30, 2024

In Creation but Not of Creation

Maya projects Creation and veils Brahman in which Creation is appearing.

Change is another word for Creation and Change only appears in the Changeless.

Seeing through this veil—discerning what’s Creation and Reality—is the Knowledge. 

a. on creation

All creation appears to the eyes. Their vision appears to the mind. Its dream appears to the witness. Stop.

Going further than the witness is an infinite regress. Stop.

The witness is existence-consciousness, self-shining, never rising, never setting. Full stop.

b. On Prospero's Island

Reflected consciousness is like

a river to the moon,

a moon to the sun,

a sun to the absolute—

in Sanskrit, Parabrahman;

in Big Science, a black hole.

To an island, the sea is like a black hole.

To the sea, an island is like a magical appearance—

like Prospero’s island in Shakespeare’s Tempest.

Deep sleep is the absence of duality.

Realization is the presence of nonduality.

Inbetween is this dream of duality—the great globe itself.

c. On Self-inquiry

One's audience is oneself. One is the talk of the time.

This is primordial knowledge.

Maine self-inquiry is like drilling for water on a shallow island.

Ask yourself sweet punk. Am I the seer or the seen?

d. no unconsciousness

am i the seer or the seen?

am i consciousness or mind?

there's no unconsciousness—

there's just deep sleep

and the occasional coma.

e. team satcitananda

things exist and i am.

things exist and i am and ananda.


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