Thursday, April 11, 2024

On Drg Drsya Viveka 4-5: Self-shining Witness

Pure consciousness witnesses the modifications of the mind in all its thoughts and emotions, including the tangled knot of ego.

The witness can’t be seen by the mind but is always the seer seeing all. The sea can’t be seen by an island.

Big science of the mind mistakes reflected consciousness for pure consciousness. Neuroscience will never get water from a stone.

Beginning with ego, drop the ‘e’, and add a ‘d’ at the end. Eka jiva. Remove avidya and I am God. Remove Maya and I am Brahman.

Self-shining consciousness does not rise nor set. That's the point of view on earth. Make your point of view the sun instead.

a. The Outer Banks

On Kitty Hawk, there’s wind and the windswept dunes of high seclusion. No wonder the Wright brothers took off there. They were lighting out for the territory.

Going further south on North Carolina Highway 12 one comes to Hatteras Island where 21st century east coast beach boys surfer girls are coexisting with summer mid-atlantic bon jovi vacationers.

At Hatteras Village, NC 12 takes a time out and Walt Whitman is crossing Ocracoke Ferry—shrimp boats on the sound and wild horses waiting for me on the island at the end of the world. Aum.

b. pure nonconceptual consciousness

The body sees the world. The mind sees the body. Consciousness sees the mind. And the buck stops here—self-shining consciousness.

What is consciousness? Pure consciousness is attention minus thought.

Pure nonconceptual consciousness is that which is aware of the mind even when the mind is turned off during deep sleep.

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