Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Epistle to Satcitananda

Maya veils Atman on the inside and Brahman on the outside.

How can you know Atman is Brahman when you don’t even know a single side of that equation?

Not only don’t you know your true self, you don’t even know there’s a nondual godhead.

Creation is the name you give to Brahman, while Atman is any Tom, Dawn, or sorry Samsari.

But all names are etched into the substrate of consciousness. All forms are built upon the foundation of existence.

Consciousness is Existence as Atman is Brahman. That’s Satcitananda.

a. Second Epistle to Satcitananda

Contrary to quantum materialism, there's no solution to an equation consisting of all variables. That's why there's no grand unified theory. It's not the absolute truth.

In quantum materialism, there's no taking into account the constant. The same is true for psychomaterialism.

Brahman is unborn and immutable. All variables are Maya. Good luck with that.

b. The Subtle Body Question

Am I the subtle body of organic chemicals and functional compounds in which consciousness has lit into sentience

or am I the pure consciousness which is burning in this subtle body of a central nervous system?

This is actually a rhetorical question although most don't know it.

c. Original Nonduality

Original duality is me and you, inside and outside.

Not only do we fear the outside, we fear the inside. Not only do I fear you, I fear God.

Inside is the true me, Self. Outside is the real you, God.

Inside is outside in nonduality, Grasshopper. This is authentic science, Einstein.

d. The Principle of Existence

In principles of nonduality, consciousness is obvious,

but existence is easy to overlook, paradoxically.

Existence is not life. Existence gives life.

Existence is that principle which gives sentience to an inert body.

Thus one does not have a life. One is Existence itself.

e. On Ananda

Consciousness and Existence are two principles of Satcitananda. And Ananda is the third.

As pure consciousness gives reflected consciousness and existence gives life, bliss gives love.

Consciousness is not experience. Consciousness is witnessing experience.

Existence is not this spacetime between birth and death. Existence is that infinite timelessness in which birth and death appear.

And bliss is not ecstasy but that unconditional love in which happiness and sadness ate appearing.

f. The Power of Maya

As sovereign of duality, Maya possesses two powers. Its majesty needs no more.

They are avarana sakti and viksepa sakti, the power of veiling and the power of projection.

As Atman is veiled, a person is projected. As Brahman is veiled, a personal god is projected.

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