Saturday, April 13, 2024

On DDV 6: Reflections of Consciousness

Call the central nervous system, the subtle body. Call this subtle body, organic chemicals and functional compounds. Call its amplification of intelligence, a reflection of pure consciousness. Call this mind and ego complex, a superimposition of ignorance upon the self.

Do not mistake the mind’s synthesis of data for a means of knowing reality.  At best, the mind can lead you to the water. For the mind is an instrument of avidya, using all the wrong ways to drink in truth.

Pure consciousness may be indescribable, no matter what kind of mathematics are being used, but truth is not unknowable. Only to the mind is reality unknown. To nonconceptual being, that’s all that’s known.

a. Almost Mile High in the White Mountains

I never hiked Mount Washington. I might have been solo-hiking the Whites for therapeutic purposes, but I wasn't crazy. The almost mile-high (5249') Mount Lafayette would be my Everest.

It all started on a crystal clear blue June day with temperatures of 70° at the trailhead. Later it would be in the '50s on the summit where one can see for miles and miles and miles.

Somewhere where the birches disappeared, I hit the wall. Whether it was endorphins or just seeing through negative thoughts I cannot say but I broke through and soon was catching the first real view.

From then on, I wasn't hiking the mountain as much as it was hiking me. To the tree line and beyond! Where the woods become a desert and Henry David is turning into Anthony the Great.

At the summit, sitting on an outcrop facing east towards Owl's Head and the surrounding Pemigewasset Wilderness, I am taking 13 panoramic photographs with my Canon A1, later setting them in a purple mat and framing that in rosewood. Thirty years later it still hangs behind my head like a fading halo.

b. I'm Ananda When You Smile

Reflected consciousness is amplified consciousness. In other words, consciousness is foundational, and the body-mind complex doesn't produce it but only makes it louder.

Like pure consciousness is eternal music and the body-mind complex is like my Kenwood receiver. Jackie Wilson said.

Lightning strikes and the wilderness burns. Fire is fire.

c. The Happiness of Satcitananda

Appearance or not, the world exists. 

The world exists but only I am existence and consciousness. Eka jiva vada.

Knowing that is the happiness of satcitananda. Not that I know it all the time. And not that there's anything wrong with that.

e. Satcitananda Calling

Being Existence Presence Consciousness Awareness Intelligence Holistic Bliss Infinity—say it soft enough and sound precocious.

Nirguna Brahman is like the black hole. Saguna Brahman is like a sun.

Gaia is as Maya. Its people are eight billion moons. Werewolves of Brahman. Om!


Attention to thought equals attention minus thought.

Attention minus thought equals pure consciousness.

I, pure consciousness, am like the deepest sea.

Wave-particle duality is purely superficial to me.

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